The green roof (green roof, ecological roof or green roof) is characterized by the planting of vegetation in a thin soil above membranes specially designed for roofing. Its main function is to replace standard flat roofs made of bitumen compounds.

The benefits of a green roof

  • Increase the life of the roof: Green roofs are known to last longer than traditional roofs. Some studies show that a green roof at least doubles the life of the waterproofing membrane.
  • Improves a building's energy efficiency: Green roofs have interesting insulation potential in the spring and fall, but it is in the summer that their gains in air-conditioning are most noticeable. An extensive green roof 15 cm thick reduces energy demand by 75% compared to a standard roof.
  • Increase the value of a building: In addition to enhancing the attractiveness of a site, the implementation of a green roof enhances the property value of a property.
  • Improves rainwater management: Green roofs are known to be effective for water retention; Plants, potting soil and drains generally manage to intercept rainwater, which will be used by the plants, or later drained into the rainwater harvesting system.
  • The appropriation of new spaces such as rooftops represents a good potential for agriculture.
  • The plants and the substrate of the green roofs make it possible to reduce the noise nuisances.

Green roof grants:

At the federal level, Natural Resources Canada provides financial support for the improvement of commercial and institutional buildings in the area of ​​energy efficiency and in this context, green roofs have been eligible since 2004. CMHC, on its website, offers information about the concept and about roofing experiences.

At Roof Star we offer a full range of innovative, high quality green roof solutions that comply with regulations. The integration of a green roof in the building will be all the more successful if it is considered from the design of the building, but it is feasible on existing buildings.

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