For a long time, asphalt shingle roofs have been unfairly mistreated. Since the introduction of fiberglass supplanting felted paper, the material has improved. At present, asphalt shingles (asphalt shingle roofing) are designed in a continuous process, constructed of a structure of organic felt or fiberglass, to support the other layers that are grafted onto them.

The benefits of asphalt shingle roofing

  • Affordable cost.
  • Significant strength of the roof made of asphalt shingles.
  • Wide choice and availability of the product in all its forms, sizes, styles and colors. Guarantees of 25 years to the lifetime, depends on the manufacturing industry and according to the quality of shingles used. providing the customer with security and peace of mind.
  • Laying an asphalt shingle roof, easy and fast.

Criteria for choosing your asphalt shingle

We use two types of shingles: the architectural shingle and the traditional 3-legged shingle.

  • The degree of slope of your roof and the style of your home. The traditional 3-legged shingle is suitable for gently pitched roofs, while a high-pitched roof has the advantage of being covered with an architectural shingle whose many layers provide optimal protection.
  • The guarantee, which varies according to the weight of the shingle. As a rule, a heavy shingle has a longer warranty period. The experts of Roof Star can inform you about the warranty periods offered. Remember, if an architectural shingle is a bit more expensive than a 3-legged shingle, it can last longer.
  • The color of your shingle. A difficult step considering the wide choice of colors offered by Roof Star! A little advice: start by eliminating colors that do not please you. Then walk around your neighborhood to pick up the exterior cladding combinations and roof coverings you like, then compare them with our samples.

Many asphalt shingle problems and premature wear can be avoided by following the installation rules. This is why shingles must be installed by professional roofers and at Roof Star we can offer you a written guarantee without any problem!

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