Roof venting is not a choice, it is a requirement of the National Building Code of Canada.

The two (2) main advantages of a roof ventilation system (attic ventilation) are:

  • The cooler roof in summer
  • The roof is dryer in winter

The main problem with the formation of moisture and ice in the roof (attic) is the unwanted heat from the attic and the resulting high temperatures. The solution is to keep the attic cool. It is essential that the air in the attic be within a few degrees of the same temperature as the air outside the house.

Difference between static fan and passive fan:

The static fan works with wind and pressure differentials, allowing it to create a chimney effect. The air is exchanged continuously. The passive fan (the air intake), on the other hand, is only a hole in the roof covered with a piece of metal that serves as protection. No suction force is created by this product. At Roof Star, we only use roof ventilation (attic ventilation), Ventilation Maximum fans . The Maximum fan is static while the air intake is a passive fan.

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